Western Bridal

There are few moments in a woman's life, as important and memorable as her wedding day. Wedding gown is a gown worn by the bride at a wedding ceremony. Think of the bride in her wedding gown looking stunning and radiant. Beautiful bridesmaids outfitted in lovely bridesmaid dresses to complement the brides look.
A young woman looking fabulous in her homecoming dress. Special occasions deserve a special look. I take the pride on the fit of every dress and aims to create the most flattering shape for every individual bride and to make their dream a success. I will make you step out in confidence and enjoy your day.

Indian Bridal

For the indian bridals, i am considering the bride's age, complexion, height, build of the bride and also the height of the bridegroom.
To bring the best outcome to the bridal i will always give the priority to the bride's desire while giving my ideas to make a perfect wedding. I will discuss the colors they are going to use for the jewelery such as silver, gold and give them my ideas for the wedding saree and bridesmaid's saree colors. If the bride want to make herself as indian bride i will make her wish a success. I am always trying to make short brides looks taller and well build brides looks thinner considering
the grooms height and body features.

Kandyan Bridal

The traditional dress for a Kandyan bride is Osariya which is a sari. The Kandyan bride is somehow different from the western brides.
A kandyan bride prefers to be wear lot of gold, pearls, stones which adds a very stunning looking to the bride.
Without all these jewellery a kandyan bride would be simply incomplete. I had lot of work experience in kandyan bridals for more than 20 years. And also I am updating my knowledge for the new fashions every time.
Kandyan bridals can be divide into two categories.
1. Traditional Kandyan Bridals
2. Modern kandyan Bridals

About Us

Anoma Fernando.

Sri Lankan Fashion Designer & Dress Maker.

Anoma Fernando Sri Lankan Fashion Designer & Dress Maker in Moratuwa. I started the business in 1990 and have more than
20 years of work experience in this field. Still adhering to traditional origins, my dresses are hand crafted using the techniques of contemporary couture.
I'm most well known for beautifully constructed wedding Sarees, blouses, wedding gowns as well as glamorous evening dresses.
My collection is incredibly stylish & diverse.

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